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Hot Packages


Lv1-80 Fast Powerleveling Package

(1)First Aid to level 450
(2)Epic Gears + Rare Gears
(3)300 Riding skill + Epic Flying Mount + Epic Mount
(4)Cold Weather Flying skill
(5)Complete your class quest
(6)Open all flight paths(Azeroth + Outlands + Northrend)
(7)Free 6000 Gold

Price: USD 66.99 Time: 9-10days buy now


Lv 1-80 Two Characters Package

(1)First Aid to 450
(2)300 Riding skill + Epic Flying Mount
(3)Cold Weather Flying skill
(4)Two related professions to 450
(5)DK Character Lv55-80
(6)Complete your class quest
(7)Open your current flight paths(Azeroth + Outlands + Northrend)
(8)Free 15000 Gold

Price: USD 107.99 Time: 20-21days buy now


Lv55-80 Fast Powerleveling Package

(1)First Aid 450
(2)Epic mount + 225 riding skill
(3)Complete your class quests
(4)Open your current flight paths
(5)Free 3000 Gold

Price: USD 47.99 Time: 8-9days buy now


Lv1-70 Fast Powerleveling Package

(1)First Aid To 375
(2)Epic Mount & 225 Riding Skill
(3)Free 1000 Gold

Price: USD 51.99 Time: 3-4days buy now


Lv70-80 Fast Powerleveling Package

(1)First aid 450
(2)Epic mount + 225 riding skill
(3)Complete your class quest
(4)Flight paths uncovered
(5)Free 5000 Gold

Price: USD 29.99 Time: 3-5days buy now


Lv70-75 Fast Powerleveling Package

(1)First aid - 450
(2)Flying Mount + 225 Riding skill
(3)Flight paths uncovered
(4)Free 5000 Gold

Price: USD 21.99 Time: 2-3days buy now


Fastest WotLK Perfectl 75-80 Package

(1)First Aid 450
(2)Cold Weather Flying skill
(3)Epic flying mount + 300 riding skill
(4)Complete your class quest
(5)Open your current flight paths(Azeroth + Outlands + Northrend)
(6)Free 8000 Gold

Price: USD 21.99 Time: 3-4days buy now


Lv1-60 Epic Mount Package

(1)First Aid 300
(2)150 Riding skill + Epic Mount
(3)Rare Gears
(4)Complete your class quest
(5)Open your current flight paths(Azeroth)
(6)Free 500 Gold

Price: USD 41.99 Time: 3-4days buy now

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