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Game Name: World Of Warcraft US
Item Name: Fastest WotLK 1-70 Gift Package
Extra Infomation(1)First Aid 375
(2)Epic Mount+225 riding skill
(3)Flight Paths Uncovered
(4)Any Two Related Professions 300+
(5)Free 2000 Gold
Total Time: 6-7days
Price: USD64.99

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  • jeff

    Brilliant! Thank you very much. Nice job in cov powerleveling...

  • Christopher Ferrell

    Thank you so much for leveling my character it was very fast, and you talked me through the way and answered my questions. I will defeniately use this sit again

  • Lasery

    Awesome, the fastest service I had ever met. I was very pleased to get the mesos after mins. Good job!

  • Paulus

    you guys did a really great job,Keep up the good work and thank you

  • Mark Bogard

    Thank you very much for gold and fast service.

  • Richard Martin

    Always doing a good job,and discount for me,wulala,hah!!